Robert Kiyosaki: Everything Will Crash, Buy More Bitcoin

• Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has warned that “everything will crash”, including gold, silver, and bitcoin.
• He believes crashes are buying opportunities and plans to buy more bitcoin.
• Kiyosaki has previously warned about market crashes, urged investors to get into crypto before the biggest crash in world history happens, and said the US dollar will crash.

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Market Crash

Robert Kiyosaki, author of best-selling book ‚Rich Dad Poor Dad‘, has reiterated his warning about an impending market crash. With 144,000 people in the tech industry losing their jobs in 2022 and 66,000 more being let go this year so far, he believes “everything will crash” including gold, silver and Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki Sees Crashes as Buying Opportunities

In spite of his warning against panic selling during a market downturn, he is still optimistic that prices for gold, silver and Bitcoin can be bought at low prices with what he calls “fake dollars” – referencing the fact that U.S. currency is not backed by a real asset such as gold anymore but rather by the ‘full faith and credit‘ of the United States government.

The Author’s Previous Warnings About Market Crashes

Kiyosaki has been vocal in his predictions for some time now – from saying investors should get into crypto before the biggest crash in world history happens to predicting a US dollar collapse – it is clear that he sees value in buying assets like gold or Bitcoin when prices are low due to a market downturn.

Kiyosaki Does Not Trust The Biden Administration Or Wall Street

The Rich Dad Poor Dad author also does not trust institutions such as The Treasury or The Federal Reserve under the Biden administration which have recently been raising interest rates; something which could lead to further economic decline according to him. Therefore it might be wise for investors to start diversifying their portfolios with assets like precious metals or cryptocurrencies if they wish to protect themselves from any potential economic fallout .


It appears that Robert Kiyosaki believes markets may be headed towards an imminent crash due to rising unemployment figures combined with actions taken by key institutions such as The Treasury or The Federal Reserve; therefore it would seem sensible for investors wishing to safeguard their wealth against future downturns would do well consider diversifying their portfolios with assets such as precious metals or cryptocurrencies while prices remain low – something which Kiyosaki himself is doing through using what he calls „fake dollars“.