Bitcoin, Ethereum Fall Towards $27K to Start Weekend

• Bitcoin (BTC) moved close to a breakout below $27,000 on Saturday, as markets moved lower following a volatile week of trading.
• Ethereum (ETH) also edged lower to start the weekend, as prices continued to fall from a recent seven-month high.
• Momentum still remains marginally bullish, however should prices move below $1,730 that could change.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Technical Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) started the weekend consolidating below the $28,000 mark, as market volatility eased on Saturday. Following a high of $28,208.21 on Friday, BTC/USD moved to an intraday low of $27,039.27 earlier today. As a result of the move bitcoin collided with a floor at the $27,050 level however bulls have so far rejected a breakout below this point.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Looking at the chart today’s sell-off took place as the relative strength index (RSI) fell below a floor of its own at 65.00 mark. As of writing this RSI is now tracking at 62.75 level with next visible point of support at 60.00 mark overall BTC has rebounded from earlier lows and trading at $2747515 as of writing this article.

Ethereum Price Movement

Ethereum (ETH) also edged lower to start the weekend as prices continued to fall from a recent seven-month high ETH/USD dropped to bottom at $173035 in today’s session which comes day after hitting high of $179114 The move pushed ethereum to its long-term floor at 1730 with buys opting for dip here .

Ethereum Relative Strength Index

This recent drop in price has pushed ethereum RSI to its lowest point in two weeks with current reading 5539 momentum still remains marginally bullish as seen by 10 day moving average however should prices move below 1730 that could change


Bitcoin and Ethereum both remain under pressure heading into Saturday’s session with Bitcoin looking bearish near term and Ethereum’s upside capped by multi month support level near 1730 dollars per coin Register your email here if you want weekly price analysis updates sent directly your inbox Weekly Technical Analysis Report Sign up

Crypto Exchanges in Moscow to Send Cash to London, Report Finds

• Investigation into digital asset exchanges in the Russian capital finds that some of them are ready to buy digital coins and deliver paper money in the U.K.
• The transfers usually do not involve identifying clients, according to Transparency International Russia’s report.
• Some of these crypto exchanges can transfer money abroad without following know-your-customer (KYC) or anti-money laundering (AML) procedures.

Investigation Establishes Moscow City Crypto Exchanges Ready to Send Cash to London

An investigation into digital asset exchanges in the Russian capital has established that some of them are ready to buy digital coins and deliver paper money in the U.K. The transfer of funds does not usually involve the identification of the clients, Transparency International Russia reveals in a report.

Ready To Exchange Stablecoins For British Cash

Russian crypto exchanges that can transfer money abroad without following know-your-customer (KYC) procedures and anti-money laundering (AML) are in the focus of a study conducted by the Russian Chapter of Transparency International. The results were presented in a new report published on Wednesday. The association’s researchers were able to identify more than 20 coin trading platforms operating from Moscow International Business Center, commonly referred to as Moscow City. Through conversations with operators, they also found that eight of them were ready to exchange U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoins for British pounds and hand over the cash to recipients in London.

Pridechange Sends Significant Amounts Of Money To Blacklisted Exchange

The authors noted that one of them is Suex, a crypto broker blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in September, 2021 for facilitating ransomware-linked transactions. They also add that a platform called Pridechange sent significant amounts of money to Garantex, another blacklisted exchange with offices in Moscow City.

Transfer Procedure

The way the transfers were made was similar in all cases: first a customer needs to send an amount in tether (USDT) to a wallet address provided by the exchange; once payment is confirmed, an operator dispatches a courier – usually a Russian speaker –to give cash at specified location in London on same or next day; no KYC needed; average monthly amounts between $420k-$470k USDT passing through such wallets .

U K Anti Money Laundering Regulations Require Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Be Registered And Carry Out Customer Due Diligence Checks

U K anti money laundering regulations require cryptocurrency exchanges to be registered and carry out customer due diligence checks however none of these Russian platforms ever asked verify identity representatives despite amount exceeding 10 000 British pounds ($12000).

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman Slammed by Bitcoin Proponents After Venmo Payment Issue

  • Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winner and author, encountered issues with a centralized payment processor Venmo.
  • He was criticized by bitcoin proponents who suggested that the importance of censorship-resistant payment systems such as Bitcoin were being realized.
  • Krugman’s issue was eventually resolved after tweeting about it.

Nobel Laureate Experiences Payment Issue With Venmo

Nobel Prize winner and author Paul Krugman experienced issues with a centralized payment processor Venmo. His tweet was followed by criticism from bitcoin supporters who argued that he was now realizing the importance of censorship-resistant payment systems such as Bitcoin.

Censorship-Resistant Payment Systems Gaining Popularity

The growing interest in censorship-resistant payment systems has been highlighted by Krugman’s experience with Venmo. He tweeted about his frustration and the thread quickly became filled with comments about bitcoin. Billionaire Mark Mobius also detailed his own difficulties in getting funds out of HSBC China, which were also criticized by bitcoin enthusiasts.

Krugman Criticized By Bitcoin Proponents

Despite numerous statements from bitcoin fans, the economist did not respond to them directly. One individual quoted from the bitcoin white paper saying „Try a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution“.

Krugman’s Issue Resolved After Tweeting About It

Visa and Mastercard Deny Report of Suspending Crypto Partnerships

• According to a recent report, Visa and Mastercard are halting new partnerships with cryptocurrency firms due to high-profile collapses.
• Representatives for Visa and Mastercard released statements clarifying their stance on cryptocurrency despite the alleged partnership halt.
• American Express is interested in using cryptocurrency for reward point redemption but not issuing cards.

Visa and Mastercard Plan to Pause New Partnerships

According to a recent report from sources familiar with the matter, Mastercard and Visa, the credit card and payment services giants, are halting new partnerships with cryptocurrency firms. This news comes after the collapse of several cryptocurrency ventures that offered crypto debit cards and failed due to financial difficulties last year.

Visa’s Head of Crypto Disagrees

After the report published, Visa’s head of crypto, Cuy Sheffield, criticized the story as „inaccurate as it pertains to Visa.“

Visa and Mastercard Clarify Stance on Cryptocurrency

A spokesperson for both Visa and Mastercard provided comments to a Reuters reporter about their stances on cryptocurrency despite the alleged partnership halt. The spokesperson for Visa stated that these failures do not alter its strategy towards cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. The representative for Mastercard also commented that their efforts continue to focus on how blockchain technology can be applied in more efficient systems.

Cryptocurrency Companies Collapse

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced a series of notable collapses and bankruptcies including several businesses such as FTX, Celsius, Blockfi, etc., that had issued debit cards which became unusable after they went bankrupt. Before this happened however Wirex partnered up with Visa in mid-February 2023 while had partnered up with them earlier in June 2022 before FTX collapsed in late October 2022.

American Express’s Interest in Cryptocurrency

An American Express spokesperson stated that although the company is interested in utilizing cryptocurrency for reward point redemption it is not issuing any cards at this time yet.

Monetize Art with Bitcoin Blockchain: Ordinal Inscription Collections Grow

• The Bitcoin blockchain now contains over 150,000 Ordinal inscriptions as creators and artists monetize their artworks using blockchain technology.
• Popular collections such as Ordinal Punks, Inscribed Pepes, Satoshi Punks, Block Munchers, Ordinals Eggs and Based Apes have been launched in the past month.
• Some of these NFTs can sell for significant prices, with the highest floor values belonging to Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Growing Use of Bitcoin Blockchain for Ordinal Inscription Collections

The use of Bitcoin blockchain for creating digital collectibles is on the rise as more than 150,000 Ordinal inscriptions have been released in the past month. This has provided creators and artists a new way to monetize their artwork through blockchain technology.

Popular Collections on Bitcoin Blockchain

Several collections created on the Bitcoin blockchain are currently attempting to establish themselves in this emerging market. Popular collections include Ordinal Punks, Inscribed Pepes, Satoshi Punks, Block Munchers, Ordinals Eggs and Based Apes among many others. These Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become known as “blue-chip” collectibles due to their high floor values that are maintained by Cryptopunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Significant Value Attached to Certain Collections

Certain collections like Ordinal Punks are selling at considerable prices due to its limited availability of only 100 characters compared to 10,000 available Cryptopunks. Other popular collections include Rare Pepe NFT collection made with Counterparty, various versions of pixelated punk characters such as Punkz on Bitcoin; Satoshi Punkz; DOS Punk 256; Yeti Bit Club; Immortal Pepes among others.

Creators Monetizing Art With Blockchain Technology

Creators and artists have found a great opportunity to monetize their artworks using blockchain technology via creating digital collectibles or Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens are recorded on a public ledger known as the blockchain which provides transparency and security against fraudulent activities or manipulation of data. This makes it easier for people who wish to sell or trade these tokens without any third party intervention or middleman interference thus providing greater returns for creators/artists who create them.


With more than 150k ordinal inscriptions now existing in the bitcoin blockchain ecosystem it is clear that creators/artists have found an effective way of monetizing their artwork using this revolutionary technology. Moreover with so many different collections being launched every day it will be interesting to observe how these projects evolve over time as well as what new opportunities arise from this ever growing market!

Robert Kiyosaki: Everything Will Crash, Buy More Bitcoin

• Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has warned that “everything will crash”, including gold, silver, and bitcoin.
• He believes crashes are buying opportunities and plans to buy more bitcoin.
• Kiyosaki has previously warned about market crashes, urged investors to get into crypto before the biggest crash in world history happens, and said the US dollar will crash.

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Market Crash

Robert Kiyosaki, author of best-selling book ‚Rich Dad Poor Dad‘, has reiterated his warning about an impending market crash. With 144,000 people in the tech industry losing their jobs in 2022 and 66,000 more being let go this year so far, he believes “everything will crash” including gold, silver and Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki Sees Crashes as Buying Opportunities

In spite of his warning against panic selling during a market downturn, he is still optimistic that prices for gold, silver and Bitcoin can be bought at low prices with what he calls “fake dollars” – referencing the fact that U.S. currency is not backed by a real asset such as gold anymore but rather by the ‘full faith and credit‘ of the United States government.

The Author’s Previous Warnings About Market Crashes

Kiyosaki has been vocal in his predictions for some time now – from saying investors should get into crypto before the biggest crash in world history happens to predicting a US dollar collapse – it is clear that he sees value in buying assets like gold or Bitcoin when prices are low due to a market downturn.

Kiyosaki Does Not Trust The Biden Administration Or Wall Street

The Rich Dad Poor Dad author also does not trust institutions such as The Treasury or The Federal Reserve under the Biden administration which have recently been raising interest rates; something which could lead to further economic decline according to him. Therefore it might be wise for investors to start diversifying their portfolios with assets like precious metals or cryptocurrencies if they wish to protect themselves from any potential economic fallout .


It appears that Robert Kiyosaki believes markets may be headed towards an imminent crash due to rising unemployment figures combined with actions taken by key institutions such as The Treasury or The Federal Reserve; therefore it would seem sensible for investors wishing to safeguard their wealth against future downturns would do well consider diversifying their portfolios with assets such as precious metals or cryptocurrencies while prices remain low – something which Kiyosaki himself is doing through using what he calls „fake dollars“.

Crypto Exchanges to be Regulated by 2025, Experts Predict Split Opinion

• Polls of 56 specialists in the fintech and cryptocurrency industry show that crypto exchanges will be regulated by 2025 or 2030, with 76% expecting them to be treated similarly to traditional financial institutions.
• 87% of Finder’s panelists believe that exchanges must disclose proof-of-reserves audits and liability records.
• 15% of Finder’s panel does not believe crypto exchanges should be regulated like traditional finance platforms, while 42% believes the industry will weather the storm without regulation.

Experts Predict Future Regulation Of Crypto Exchanges By 2025 recently released a report on bitcoin and ethereum predictions after polling 56 specialists in the fintech and cryptocurrency industry to gauge their thoughts on future regulation of crypto exchanges. The experts predict that virtual currency trading platforms will be regulated, but not until 2025 or 2030. 76% of Finder’s panelists expect these trading platforms to be treated similarly to traditional financial institutions when regulations do occur.

Proof-Of-Reserves Audits & Liability Records

87% of Finder’s Fintech and Crypto Experts believe that crypto exchanges must disclose proof-of-reserves audits and liability records when they are eventually regulated. This is an important step for ensuring investor safety in virtual currency trading platforms once regulations are put into place.

Split Views On Crypto Regulation

When it comes to how crypto exchanges should be regulated, there is a split opinion among Finder’s panelists: 15% don’t believe they should follow traditional finance regulations, while 42% think the industry can weather the storm without any particular set of regulations being enforced on them.

Regulation By 2024?

Cryptoconsultz CEO Nicole DeCicco predicts that standard regulations for crypto exchanges will occur by 2024 even though she doesn’t believe they should necessarily follow traditional finance protocols when this happens: „At Cryptoconsultz we teach our clients to think of cold storage and self-custody solutions as their bank account and centralized exchanges similar to the money one might pull out of an ATM and walk around with in their pocket,“ she said in a statement.


The experts polled by agree on one thing: regulation for crypto exchanges is coming soon, although opinions differ on how exactly it should look like or when it should happen (2024 or 2025). To ensure investor safety, 87% suggest that these trading platforms need to provide proof-of-reserves audits and liability records before becoming operational under new rules.

Blur NFT Marketplace Surges in Volume, Captures 30% of Market Share

• Blur is an NFT marketplace that has seen a surge in volume and market share since its launch in October.
• According to Dune Analytics, Blur has captured about 30% of the market share in terms of sales volume, rivaling industry leader Opensea.
• Blur’s rise is attributed to their upcoming launch of their native token, scheduled for February 14th.

Blur, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has seen a major surge in volume and market share since its launch in October. According to statistics from Dune Analytics, Blur has captured approximately 30% of the market share in terms of sales volume, rivaling industry leader Opensea. This increase in market share helps to solidify Blur’s foothold in the NFT marketplace space.

The primary reason behind Blur’s success is attributed to their upcoming launch of their native token. Originally scheduled for January 2023, the token launch was delayed according to a statement released by the team. The token is now set to be released on February 14th, 2023. The platform tweeted, “We know this is past our initial estimate of January and we’re sorry for the delay. We’re trying new things and the extra two weeks will allow us to deliver a launch that hasn’t been done before.”

The anticipation surrounding the launch of Blur’s native token is reflected in the marketplace’s seven-day metrics from, which show that the marketplace has recorded $33.06 million in NFT sales. This makes Blur the second-largest marketplace in terms of total sales this week, behind Opensea’s weekly sales of $112.89 million. Twenty-four-hour statistics indicate that Blur’s sales over the last day totaled $5.08 million, compared to Opensea’s $16.24 million.

The rise of Blur is similar to that of the Looksrare NFT marketplace, which saw an increase in users when it decided to airdrop 120 million LOOKS tokens, or 12% of the total supply, to the Looksrare community in 2021. The success of these two platforms is indicative of the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens, as well as the potential for growth in the NFT marketplace. As Blur prepares for its token launch, it is likely that the platform will continue to see increases in volume and market share.

Unlock the Power of Data Processing with Gaimin

• Gaimin is a decentralized approach to the ever-increasing need for data processing power.
• This approach addresses the issues of centralized data centers, such as energy consumption, physical expansion, and service delivery.
• Decentralized data centers are more efficient and cost-effective, providing real-time results and improved performance.

The demand for data processing is growing year-on-year, driven by the need to make sense of vast amounts of data being generated through the increasing use of data-driven technologies and services. Industries such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), video rendering, powering blockchain computations, scientific simulations and research, financial modelling and analysis, weather analysis, medical imaging and healthcare and autonomous vehicles all require devices and services to collect, store, analyse, manipulate and extract data, delivering real-time results. As such, performance of data processing is critical to the delivery of the service, and this is where Gaimin steps in.

Gaimin is a decentralized approach to the ever-increasing need for data processing power. By utilizing idle computing power from laptops, smartphones and other devices, Gaimin provides a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to provide data processing services. This approach addresses the issues of centralized data centers, such as energy consumption, physical expansion, and service delivery. With Gaimin, data processing can be done in a distributed fashion, allowing for more efficient use of resources and improved performance.

Using Gaimin, data centers are able to leverage a variety of devices in order to increase the performance of data processing. By utilizing idle computing resources, such as laptops and smartphones, Gaimin is able to provide a cost-effective solution for data processing. Gaimin also provides a secure environment for data processing, as the data is securely transmitted between devices and can only be accessed by authorized users. Furthermore, Gaimin is able to provide real-time results, as the distributed nature of the system allows for faster data processing.

In conclusion, Gaimin is an innovative solution to the increasing demand for data processing power. By utilizing idle computing power from laptops, smartphones and other devices, Gaimin provides a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to distribute data processing services. Decentralized data centers are more efficient and cost-effective, providing real-time results and improved performance. Gaimin is the perfect solution to the growing demand for data processing power.

Die gute Nachricht zu MLB

Der 1. August MLB Geschäftsstichtag nähert sich schnell, mit dem Top-Playoff-Anwärter, die ihre Plätze und einige Teams auf der Außenseite zu sichern Suche nach einem Weg in.

Wir haben einige starke Division Rennen in zahlreichen Geschäftsbereichen, mit der AL East nur mit einer Zwei-Spiel-Lücke und drei Teams sehr viel in der Mischung, während die AL Central, AL West NL East und NL Westen alle Leitungen von 6,5 Spiele haben oder weniger.

Unnötig zu sagen, kann es in den nächsten zwei Wochen ein wilder Lauf von MLB Trades sein, mit Anwärtern und Prätendenten gleichermaßen mutige Schritte zu machen vorbereitet.

Natürlich ist es nicht alles nur um 2016, wie einige Gründler auf einem günstigen Zeitpunkt handeln könnte, was sie können für einen großen Namen Stern zu bekommen. Schauen wir uns die MLB-Branche Szene, werfen Sie einen Blick und sehen, welche großen Namen sind am ehesten in Bewegung sein:

Kyle Schwarber, C / OF, Chicago Cubs

Schwarber Schlagzeilen unserer Geschäftsstichtag Liste, wie er für das Jahr mit einem zerfetzten Knie getan hat und nicht einen Platz für ihn in Chicago für die Zukunft warten hat.

Das Problem ist, er ist ein großes Talent als Schlagmann und er hat Tonnen von Kopf als 23 Jahre alt, aber er ist nicht wirklich ein Fänger oder Outfielder. Er ist wahrscheinlich am besten an der ersten Base oder als Designated Hitter geeignet und mit Anthony Rizzo ersten Einsperren und Willson Contreras sich einen Namen bei Fang machen, die Cubs kann die Schrift an der Wand sehen und sich dafür entscheiden, den Stern Stampfer zu bewegen.

Die gute Nachricht ist, er ist jung und talentiert, so dass, obwohl der Cubs in einem Stau zu sein scheint, sollte jemand sie aus ihn heraus. Die führenden Anwärter Figuren, die die New York Yankees sein, die suchen sowohl für die Jugend und Macht in der Offensive. Sie sind auch auf der Suche nach besserem Ausgang Nicken, aber sie wollen nicht vorgreifen.


Pinstripe Paradise @PStripeParadise

Kyle Schwarber for Andrew Miller has been rumored for a while. Here’s why it would make sense #Yankees #Cubs 

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Viele Teams werden in der Mischung für Schwarber sein, bevor er schließlich behandelt, aber in New York verspricht unter den Top-Anwärter mit ihnen von der American League hagelt zu sein.

Jay Bruce, OF, Cincinnati Reds

Bruce ist einer des Top-mashers zu gewinnen dieser Handels Saison, da der Reds noch Staub auf den letzten Platz in der NL Zentrale sammeln.

Cincy hat versucht, in den letzten Jahren wieder aufbauen, aber sie werden wahrscheinlich zu bewegen einige große Stücke halten müssen, um sie geschehen. Der 29-jährige Bruce war bewegt fast umsonst im letzten Jahr, aber nachdem er mit 18 Home Runs im Jahr 2016 stürmte zurück, er deutlich seinen Handelswert gesteigert werden.

Bruce wurde zahlreiche Teams gebunden, mit dem Toronto Blue Jays sagte sehr interessiert sein . Er sagte sogar , er keine Handelsklausel für eine Chance verzichten würde mit dem Cleveland Indians zu spielen.

Es ist immer noch in der Schwebe, ob oder nicht Bruce gehandelt wird, aber die Chancen erhöhen, indem sie den Tag, einen Deal gemacht werden könnten.

Andrew Miller, RP, New York Yankees

Miller ist der erste Arm unserer MLB Handel Gerücht Liste zu schlagen, wie New York, um eine Vielzahl von stabilem Relief Pitcher hat, muss aber noch junge offensives Talent und Start-Pitcher für die Zukunft stärken.

Die Amis sind wahrscheinlich so weit wie die MLB Playoffs gekocht in diesem Jahr betroffen sind, aber mit einem Bündel von Talent Altern der Bücher in den nächsten 1-2 Jahren kommen aus, die Dinge schnell für sie suchen werden könnte.

Sie sollen nicht Miller befassen sich gezwungen fühlen, zumal die 31-Jährige noch für zwei weitere Jahre unter Club Kontrolle.

Dennoch konnte der richtige Anwärter Miller als fehlende Verbindung zum hinteren Ende ihrer Pitching Rotation anzuzeigen.


Ken Rosenthal


Gimenez is favorite of #Indians’ pitchers, and has connected with Bauer. Team’s No. 1 need is LHR, and #Yankees’ Miller probably top target.

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Das Cleveland Indians ist eine solche Möglichkeit und Berichte legen nahe, sie Miller als Entlastung Pitching-Upgrade.

Rich Hill, SP, Oakland Athletics

Hill betritt unseren Handel Gerücht Liste als ersten Ass Krug, der zu haben war. Er schien seine Karriere um spät im Spiel im vergangenen Jahr mit dem Boston Red Sox zu drehen und dass der Auferstehung nicht während eines dicken Laufes mit dem A des verblasste.

Hill ist mit einem schlechten Leichtathletik-Team zu verlieren, aber während das Team auf den 36-Jährigen auslaufenden Vertrag kassieren wird suchen. Eine Reihe von Playoff-Anwärter sollte für Hill in der Mischung, einschließlich der Marlins, Blue Jays, Royals, Orioles und sogar seine letzte Mannschaft – die Red Sox.

Jeremy Hellickson, SP, Philadelphia Phillies

Hellickson ist ein weiterer Top-Regal Arm, der in Bewegung sein könnte, wie die Phillies bei weitem nicht post-Saison spielen und weiter aufzubauen.

Die 29-jährige righty wird ein Free Agent im nächsten Jahr sein, so gibt es wenig Grund für Philadelphia auf ihn zu halten. Er ist nicht ganz so hoch in der Nachfrage als Rich Hill, aber er hat mehr Jahre geht nach vorn zu töten und haben einige ungenutzte Kopf bleiben.

Unnötig zu sagen, Teams denken, dass sie ihn in wieder Unterzeichnung sprechen könnten ernsthaftes Interesse zeigen.